Bird Is The Word Week 10: @ Green Bay Packers

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Eagles

Bird Is The Word.

A week after a decisive win over the Oakland Raiders which saw Nick Foles throw a record-tying 7 touchdown passes, the Eagles headed to Green Bay to take on the Green Bay Packers. The Packers were without quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who broke his collar bone the previous week. They also saw the return of linebacker Clay Matthews, who returned from a broken thumb with his hand in a cast that more resembled a club.

However, none of that mattered to Nick Foles.

After throwing for 406 yards and a record-tying seven touchdowns the previous week, Nick Foles threw for 228 yards and three touchdowns to help the Eagles beat the injury-ridden Packers 27-13 and further state his case for the starting job in Philadelphia. With the win, the Eagles improved to 5-5 and moved into a first place tie with the Dallas Cowboys. They now have the chance to move into first place by themselves with a win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday and the Cowboys on their bye week.

It Ain’t Broke, So Don’t Fix It…


There is an old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Nick Foles turned in another stellar performance and the offense appeared to be getting back into a rhythm, which is something that they haven’t had since week 1. Although all signs point to Nick Foles moving forward, the Eagles still have not named a starting quarterback going forward.

Michael Vick is still nursing a hamstring injury and it is still not definitively know when he will return. Honestly, I don’t see any reason why the Eagles should start Michael Vick, unless Foles is injured. But even then, it may be better for the Eagles to start Matt Barkley and see what he can do and see what they are working with.

Either way, they need to name the starter before next season. They need a steady starting quarterback if they want to have sustained success going forward. This may sound extreme, but I won’t be surprised if we do not see Michael Vick in an Eagles uniform next season.

DeMeco In The Middle


Eagles middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans has established himself as the leader of the Eagles defense over the last few weeks. He has 71 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 interceptions, and, at middle linebacker, he is the “quarterback” of this Eagles defense.

One thing that the Eagles have been sorely missing on defense, and in general, since Brian Dawkins left is leadership. I am not going to compare the two because I don’t think the Eagles will ever have another “heart and soul” leader like Brian Dawkins.

Having said that, there is no saying what Bill Davis and Demeco Ryans can do with this defense if they can establish a connection similar to that of Brian Dawkins and legendary Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. At any rate, there is a tremendous upside to DeMeco Ryans. As this defense progresses, more good things will come.



Many football fans have seen former Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Mora (Sr.)’s legendary rant about the playoffs. (If you haven’t, it’s worth watching and it can be found on YouTube).

The fact is that, despite being 5-5, the Eagles are tied with the Cowboys for first place in the NFC East and have a chance to move into sole possession of first place int he NFC East with a win this weekend (The Cowboys are on their bye week this week).

The NFC East, which is usually one of the best divisions in the NFL hasn’t been good at all this year. Frankly, it is looking like the division is going to be what the NFC West used to be (a division won by a team with a record under .500). Still, the Eagles have a golden chance on Sunday.

Win. At. Home.


Win at home.

Simply put, the Eagles need to win at home.

They are heading back to Lincoln Financial Field to take on the Washington Redskins in a huge division showdown on Sunday at 1 pm. Starting this week, the home woes have to stop, plain and simple. There’s really no other way to say it and there is really no explanation for their struggles at home, but it needs to end this Sunday.

Now that the team appears to be clicking in all areas, it appears that 10 game losing streak at home will end.

However, there is only one way to find out…

  1. Nick,
    Good job. You still need a good proof reader to catch those pesky TYPO’s.

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