Who Am I?

I was born right outside of Philadelphia in Langhorne, PA and grew up in nearby Richboro. From the moment I started watching sports on TV, all I knew was Flyers, Phillies, Eagles and Sixers. Now as I finish college, I am in the process of turning that passion for sports into a career as a sportswriter and (hockey) insider.

I’m always open for debate, but please be respectful.

I am on Facebook and Twitter and I am a part of a couple of fan pages on Facebook. A few troll posts, which are intentionally negative or ridiculous to get a reaction from people, do not bother me. What really bothers me, however, is when someone starts going after someone who they disagree with and starts saying stuff that although it’s easy to say to when you’re hiding behind a computer screen, they would never say to that person’s face.

This is my blog so it’s my opinion. I know not everyone will agree with me and that’s fine. Part of being a fan is debating with other fans about what is going on with your team and saying how you feel. Having said that, I will not hesitate to block people from commenting who can not have a debate without attacking someone. I apologize if that sounds rude, but I just do not have any patience for people like that.

By reading the disclaimer, you are agreeing to debate without attacking other people and understand that I have the right to block anyone who goes after someone else’s personal life.


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