Bird Is The Word Week 6: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Eagles

Bird Is The Word.

A week after picking up a much-needed win over the New York Giants, the Eagles flew down to Tampa to take on the Buccaneers.

Nick Foles started for the Eagles and frankly, Michael Vick’s absence was hardly felt. Foles and the Eagles offense picked up right where they left off against the Giants and within four minutes, the Eagles were on top 7-0 after Nick Foles rushed for a 4 yard touchdown.

Despite allowing two touchdowns to Tampa Bay’s Vincent Jackson, the Eagles defense turned in another commendable performance. I am not fully on board yet, but they do seem to be improving each week.

The Eagles held the Buccaneers to 20 points, the lowest of any opponent this season, picking up a 31-20 win in the process.

Nick Foles 2, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nick Foles got the start in place of the injured Michael Vick, who was suited up but in a third-string role, and proved once again why he is a legitimate starting quarterback in the National Football League. Foles completed 22 of 31 passes for 296 yards and 3 touchdowns, as well as a rushing touchdown, and once again left Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium with a win, much like he did last season against the Buccaneers, which was also in Tampa.

Earlier in the week, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said that with an incredibly amazing showing, Foles could possible remain the starting quarterback. While the debate will continue all week long leading up to Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, Michael Vick’s health will ultimately decide who will be the starter.

Life of Riley…

Riley Cooper  NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Press Conference  Eagles%20Buccaneers%20Football.JPEG-0de08

For someone who was heading into the season as a #3 receiver, it has been a pretty eventful 2013 season for Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper.

After Jeremy Maclin and Arrelious Benn were both lost for the season with a torn ACL, Riley Cooper became a much more important part of this Eagles offense. With Maclin and Benn out, Riley Cooper became the #2 receiver on the team behind DeSean Jackson.

Prior to the start of the season, Cooper made headlines for all the wrong reasons when a cell phone video of him at a Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Field, after several drinks, using a racial slur towards one of the security guards. He received a tremendous amount of criticism for it, which was deserved (see my post “He Said What?” for more on that).

After a quiet start to the season, Cooper saw plenty of action against the Buccaneers, finishing with 120 yards and a touchdown, which came on a beautiful 47-yard pass from Nick Foles.

While his performance may have been overshadowed by the performance of Nick Foles, it was nice to see Riley Cooper this active in the offense.

Vick vs. Nick Part II


Foles’ performance against the Buccaneers has led to another debate over who should be the starting quarterback. Should Michael Vick be the starter when he is healthy again or should Nick Foles remain the starter?

As soon as Chip Kelly was hired as Eagles head coach, there was a lot of talk about how this up-temp spread option offense is tailor-made for Michael Vick, which it very much is. What seems to go under the radar, however, is how well Nick Foles can play in this offense as well.

Now, Foles of course has a different style than Vick. Michael Vick is very mobile and uses his legs an awful lot, sometimes even more than his arm. Nick Foles, on the other hand, is not as mobile and much more of a passing quarterback who prefers to stay in the pocket. Having said that, Foles can be effective in this offense as well. Much like Vick brings elements to the offense that Foles does not, most notably his mobility, Nick Foles brings elements to this offense that Michael Vick does not, most notably his strong arm.

Michael Vick’s health will ultimately decide who will start Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, but the debate will rage on all season as to who should be the starter for the Eagles moving forward, especially if Vick starts to struggle.

The Cowboys Come to Town…


The Eagles will be back home on Sunday to take on the Dallas Cowboys at 1 pm. Like every Philadelphia Eagles fan on the planet, there is not a team in the NFL that I hate more than the Dallas Cowboys, not even the New York Giants (though they are a very close second).

Anyway, the two teams head into Sunday’s showdown with a 3-3 record and tied for first in the NFC East. The Cowboys are coming off of a big win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday Night. I am already counting down the minutes until 1 pm on Sunday and I am sure both teams are doing the same.

While beating the Cowboys is great in its own right, the Eagles can also sit alone atop the NFC East with a win this Sunday.


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