Bird Is The Word Week 3: vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Eagles

Bird Is The Word.

It was an eventful Thursday night for the Eagles as they took on the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Eagles found themselves looking to rebound after a tough loss to the San Diego Chargers the week before and were looking to improve to 2-1. Needless to say, Eagles fans were left disappointed and shaking their heads after watching their team make the same mistakes that they made the week before as the Eagles fell 26-16.

It was a bad showing on both sides of the ball. In addition to the same poor defense that haunted them the previous week, the offense was off its game as well and was held to a season-low 16 points.

Given all of the hype going into the game, this loss stung a little more.

Eagles D Lets Another One Get Away


Honestly, I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record. However, the same problems continued to haunt the Eagles on Thursday. More missed tackles and a lack of pressure on opposing receivers led to the Eagles defense being carved up yet again, this time by Chiefs QB Alex Smith along with WR Donnie Avery who, despite not scoring any touchdowns, had 141 receiving yards.

Now, I am willing to give this team the benefit of the doubt as it is a rebuilding year for the Eagles. However, it is harder and harder to do that when the team shows little to no improvement. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, all three aspects of the Eagles (offense, defense and special teams) need to click…and right now the defense is not clicking which is costing the team games.

Not So Fast-Paced Offense…

Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles fast-paced spread option offense that Chip Kelly mastered at the University of Oregon seemed to slow down against the Chiefs. Granted, Michael Vick’s two interceptions, on of which was returned for a touchdown, did not exactly help the cause. They had a few spurts, namely a career-long 61 yard run by Michael Vick, but the Chiefs seemed to have them figured out from the beginning of the game.

There were costly penalties and more missed chances than I care to mention, as well as a costly muffed punt by Damaris Johnson which was recovered by the Chiefs deep in Eagles territory which is on special teams and not the offense. Still, it didn’t help the Eagles’ cause any.

As bad as the defense was (again), the offense was not that much better. Given that the team scored 33 and 30 points in their first two games, 16 points is pretty awful. Many people will argue that teams are starting to figure out Chip Kelly’s offense, but that still remains to be seen if they do or not.

“Big Red” Returns to Philadelphia


Perhaps the biggest storyline heading into the game was the return of Chiefs coach Andy Reid to Philadelphia, where he was the Eagles head coach for 14 seasons before being fired after the 2012 season that saw the Eagles finish a very dismal 4-12. It was the first time ever that Reid roamed the visitors’ sideline of Lincoln Financial Field.

Despite being asked about his return all week leading up to the game, Reid remained focused on his team and winning the game. Although he was focused on football, as he always is, it was obvious that football was not the only thing on his mind. Reid received a much-deserved standing ovation as he entered the Linc, but once the game started he was the visiting coach. It was a very appropriate reaction from the Eagles fan base towards the former coach.

After the game, Reid was the recipient of a Gatorade shower from the Chiefs players and his emotions from returning to the city he called home for 14 years started to show. When interviewed after the game by Derrick Gunn of Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia, Reid kissed Gunn on the forehead (much to Gunn’s surprise).

There is Only One #5


The other major storyline heading into Thursday’s game was the retiring of Donovan McNabb’s #5 jersey to the rafters, an honor that McNabb certainly deserves. Say what you will about him, He helped the Eagles go to heights not seen since the days of Ron Jaworski. Randall Cunningham was a legend in Philadelphia as well (and I respect Cunningham as much as the next Eagles legend), but he didn’t have nearly the amount post season success as Donovan did.

The one thing that many Eagles fans hold against Donovan is his failure to win a Super Bowl in Philadelphia, though he came within a field goal of doing so in 2005. I also was frustrated by his shortcomings. However, I will never disrespect or discount the success that he had during his time in Philadelphia.

In hindsight it is easy to look back and think “if we took Ricky Williams and sucked for another year, then maybe we could have  had Tom Brady (drafted by the Patriots in 2000) the next year”. However, if you think back to the situation the Eagles were in and look back at the 1999 draft, there is no question the Eagles made out like bandits as far as quarterbacks go. The only one that came close to Donovan was Daunte Culpepper.

I mean what if the Eagles drafted Tim Couch or Akili Smith instead?

“Rocky” Road Ahead


The Eagles will face what may be their toughest opponent this season when they travel to Denver to take on the Broncos. The matchup alone is enough to make Eagles fans nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Eagles. However, if Alex Smith can do that kind of damage to the Eagles’ struggling defense, who knows what Peyton Manning will do?

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