Draft Day

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Philadelphia


As August becomes September, many people are starting, or reactivating, their fantasy football leagues.

That brings me to the most important part of Fantasy Football: Draft Day.

Even though many drafts are held online, there are still a ton of leagues that will have a draft party complete with food, beer and plenty of trash talk to go around. Personally, the draft is one of my favorite parts of fantasy. The lengths that some people go to be present for their fantasy draft is unbelievable (literally and figuratively).

I recently read ESPN Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry’s new book “Fantasy Life”, and I was blown away by the lengths people go. Whether it is drafting from your hospital bed or from your tow truck while you are at work repossessing a car. Yeah, the draft is that important in most leagues.

However, there are some things that drive me nuts on draft day. For example, there is a timer for a reason. You have 90 seconds (sometimes more sometimes less depending on the league) to make a decision on who you want to draft. I can’t stand when the clock runs all the way down to 0; it’s like a drawn out auto pick. It is important, and more fun, when you actually strategize and build your team like an NFL general manager.

Auto Draft Sucks

But, my least favorite part of drafting by far is auto draft. Just to be clear: I HATE AUTO DRAFT!!!! I hate it with a passion. There is nothing worse than when your league is holding the draft and there are multiple teams who are auto drafting.

The next thing you know, there is a gauntlet of auto picks that you are hoping that the player you want makes it through. Auto drafting just plain sucks. It takes the fun out of drafting. (Ironically, I had internet troubles and was having trouble getting into the online draft. I wound up auto drafting the first six rounds, though I actually wound up ok).

The bottom line is if you are in a fantasy league, be it football, baseball, basketball, hockey, whatever, it is important to be present for your draft unless you have a valid, legitimate, reason.. That is why I schedule the draft for the football league that I am commissioner of on a day when as many people in the league are available.

If you are in a fantasy sports league, enjoy it. Draft your team, talk trash, have fun. Even if you aren’t really sure what you are doing, you can learn easily throughout the season (Hell, my dad won our family football league the first year he ever played fantasy and made it to the championship game the following year).

Fantasy sports have become a pastime over the years and is something that millions of people look forward to each year, whether it is to defend their title or to redeem themselves after a disappointing season. Either way, it all starts on draft day.

  1. John Granados says:

    Many people would say your dad won due to an excellent draft strategy, proper positioning, and brilliant execution week after week. At least that’s what I heard.

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