Vick vs. Nick

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Eagles

Nick and Vick

There are many questions surrounding the Eagles this off-season. Perhaps the biggest question has been the ongoing debate over who the starting quarterback will be when the Eagles take the field on September 9th against the Washington Redskins on the opening night of Monday Night Football.

Will it be the veteran Michael Vick or second year QB Nick Foles? Or how about rookie Matt Barkley?

At this point it is down to either Michael Vick or Nick Foles. No disrespect to Matt Barkley, he has tremendous potential in the NFL, but at this point he will enter the season as the third-string quarterback (he’ll certainly have his day though). He will certainly provide solid competition for both Michael Vick and Nick Foles. Truthfully, both quarterbacks are capable of starting in the NFL. Obviously Michael Vick has shown why over the course of his 9 year career (excluding the two years he spent in prison on dog fighting charges). Nick Foles is not so bad himself. Yeah, he went 1-5 in 6 starts last season before suffering an injury against the Washington Redskins in week 16. But, he showed a lot of confidence and smarts, especially for a rookie quarterback, last season.

But who will the starting quarterback be come September 9th?

Why Michael Vick will start:

MIchael Vick

New head coach Chip Kelly’s up tempo spread option offense appears to suit the mobile style of Michael Vick well. The offense contains a balance of passing and running plays, as well as an extremely fast pace. Also, with receivers Jeremy Maclin and Arrelious Benn both out for the season and Riley Cooper still trying to save face after and incident at a Kenny Chesney concert, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the running game utilized, not just in the form of LeSean McCoy, but also Vick himself.

The important thing for Vick to do to is to be smart when running the ball (i.e. secure the ball better while running) and most importantly stay healthy. Every time he takes a hit, and he takes his fair share, I sometimes wonder if he will get up. He has showed signs of the Michael Vick of old since joining the Eagles, but he struggled through last season.

The consensus among fans and most analysts is that Michael Vick is the better quarterback.

Why Nick Foles Could Start:

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles

When Michael Vick went down with a concussion against the Cowboys in week 10 of last season, in came rookie Nick Foles. From the first snap, Foles showed a great deal of confidence and smarts under center. Yes, he did make his share of rookie mistakes and he did go a disappointing 1-5 in 6 starts, but he still had a decent 2012 season.

Not to mention he did it without the benefit of an offensive line to block for him. Granted, Vick also struggled without a line. (Honestly, there is not a quarterback in the league that could have been effective behind that tattered offensive line).

Chip Kelly was very high on Nick Foles, going back to Foles’ days at the University of Arizona and Kelly’s days as coach of the University of Oregon (the two teams faced each other on three occasions while the two were there). Kelly saw that Foles, while not as good of a running quarterback as Michael Vick, has the ability to be very mobile, especially considering he is 6’6″ and 243 pounds.

Bottom Line:

While they will show signs of improvement, this will be a rebuilding year for the Eagles. The entire team is going to be in the process of learning new systems on both offense and defense. For these reasons, I will be able to cut Vick and Foles a little bit of slack (Foles more than Vick). After all, it is his second year in the league. But with last season to build on, I don’t see Foles taking too much of a step backwards.

The Verdict:

Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons

At this point the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles is Michael Vick’s job to lose. If he struggles, don’t be surprised to see Foles sooner than later.


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