Sports Come Second

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Philadelphia

In the nearly 23 years that I have been on this planet I have learned many things. One of them is that there are things that happen that you really…well you really just can’t explain.

What took place this afternoon was one of those things.

Patriots’ Day is a widely celebrated holiday in Boston. It is as big a part of Boston as the Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins. One Patriots’ Day staple is the annual Boston Marathon.

As runners crossed the finish line of the 117th installment of the Boston Marathon, two consecutive explosions rocked the celebration, killing 3 people (as of now) and injuring more that 130 others. But enough about the number of killed and wounded, the media has already glorified that.

Now people are left with many questions: Who did this? Why did they do this? How did they do this? Now it is only a matter of time before we know who did this, and how they did it for that matter, but the question of “why?” may never be answered. The thing is there really is no explanation for why, and frankly there may never be one.

One thing is for sure, the joy and celebration of one of Boston’s oldest and most storied traditions quickly turned into what one of the hospital officials described as a war zone.

Obviously things like this should not happen, especially not on a day like today, which was not only Patriots’ Day in Boston, but Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball commemorating Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. The Boston Marathon is such an important event in the United States and it means so much to so many people. (On a personal note, my dad ran the Boston Marathon back in 1988, before I was born,  and has told me about it multiple times. He did not come in first, but he did accomplish his goal of finishing the race).

These kind of events really put things into perspective. They make you take a step back and ask yourself “is it really worth getting so angry or fighting with someone over a game?”. When something like this happens and lives are lost, no matter how many, it is a reminder that no matter what happens in the game, things could be worse for you than watching your team underperform.

It is times like these that also remind us that sports are more than just games that people are paid, sometimes too much, to play. Sports are a way of coming together and embracing each other. Sports are a release for some from what is going on around them. That is what makes sports great.

Even as an avid Philly fan, I’ll admit Boston is one tough city. They aren’t going down this easily, they can, and will, recover.


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