March 4th…

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Flyers

Here is a trivia question: What is the only day of the year that is also a command?

The answer: March 4th (“March Forth”).

March is one of the most crucial months in the NHL season (and the NBA season for that matter). How a team does in March either makes or breaks their season.

The Flyers are no different. They find themselves at the .500 mark (11-11-3) for the first time this season and have already gotten their “March” started in the right direction with a 2-1 win over the Ottawa Senators on March 2nd. There are only 13 games on the schedule for the Flyers in March. Having won the first game in March, the next 29 days are crucial to the Flyers abbreviated 2012-13 season.

After a two month grind which saw the Flyers playing 3,  or sometimes 4, games in a week, they finally have some time between games. Not only will it allow the players to “recharge the batteries” in preparation for the Stanley Cup Playoffs in April, but they also have days off to practice and work things out that the team has been struggling with.

Early on in the season, it was pretty clear that the Flyers really missed having a full training camp and pre-season. They were sluggish and unpredictable. Even as recent as mid to late February, for the first 7-10 minutes of the game, nobody knew what Flyers team was on the ice.

Was it the team that started out on fire then slowly put that fire out? Or was it the team that never really started playing at all until it was too late? Or was it the team that hit the ice running and never looked back? Or was it the team that started sluggish and somehow mustered out a win?

Frankly, you just never knew what team was going to hit the ice.

As this March 4th comes and goes, it is time for the Flyers to do exactly that; “March forth”. Any hopes of making the playoffs are riding on this month’s performance. They have a HUGE game tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden against the Rangers, who are only a point behind the Flyers following their shootout win over the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday night.

Call it a “March to the playoffs” if you would like, these next 13 games are the most important games of the season right now. The Flyers need to regain their focus, recharge the proverbial batteries and work out any kinks they may have.

Crunch time usually starts in January for teams in the NHL. With the season shortened to 48 games, the entire season is crunch time. However, it is past that point for the Flyers. At this point it’s do or die.

Will the Flyers “march forth” or will they march back?

That is the question. The answer remains to be seen.

  1. John Granados says:


    Nice Blog. Here’s another trivia question for you.

    What month asks a question?

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