I’m A Flyers Fan First…

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Flyers

Flyers Fan

The NHL is back on the ice (and out of the conference rooms of a New York City hotel), and man is it great!

There is going to be backlash from that fans for sure, and that backlash is more than justified. All the fans have done is fill arenas and support the team, and the game, that they are so passionate about. Meanwhile, the NHL and the owners wanted more of the revenue (under the old collective bargaining agreement the players received 57% of hockey related revenue) so, after a marathon of negotiations, the players now receive 50% of the hockey related revenue).

As a result of these negotiations, the NHL went into a lockout and deprived its fans of the one thing they love: NHL hockey.

In a few days the players will back on the ice, which is especially welcome in Philadelphia where 2012 has not been especially kind to the fans. The Phillies missed the playoffs for the first time in 7 years, the Eagles stumbled through a lousy 4-12 season which saw the team’s first coaching change in 14 years, and the Sixers are back to their struggles of old.

However many fans, myself included, can’t help but harbor immense anger and disappointment towards the National Hockey League and, to an extent, the players.

The league took us fans for granted again. The owners locked out the players figuring that the fans, who are among the most loyal in sports, would come back when play resumes. Commissioner Gary Bettman even said “We recovered last time because we have the best fans in the world”.

When the abbreviated season begins, I hope there are empty seats, even for just the first period as a group of fans brilliantly suggested. They will fill back up, but the fans can send a message to the NHL, letting them know that us fans are not going to take the league’s BS anymore.

When the Flyers begin play against the Penguins on January 19th, I will be watching, I will be wearing my Flyers jersey, and I will be cheering my Flyers on. This is not because I respect Gary Bettman and the owners. I am still very angry at the NHL for putting us fans through this crap again, and probably will be angry for a while.

But at the end of the day, I am, always have been, and always will be a Flyers fan.


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