Reid It And Weep

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Eagles

Eagles head coach Andy Reid

The 2012 Eagles season has been one disaster after another.

After starting the season 3-1, the Eagles found themselves in the midst of an 8 game losing streak (the worst under Andy Reid). They are now a dismal 4-11 heading into this weekend’s season finale at The Meadowlands against the Giants.

Week by week, it became more apparent that this is Andy Reid’s last year as Eagles head coach. Many analysts feel that Andy Reid is not just a great coach, but one of the elite coaches in the NFL. I will always respect Andy Reid for all of the success that he has had during his 14-year tenure in Philadelphia.

Truthfully, an argument can be made for both sides regarding Andy Reid’s job security.

Why He Could Stay:

Since being hired by the Eagles in 1999, Andy Reid has become the winningest head coach in Eagles history. He was even named head coach of the Eagles 75th Anniversary Team. He has taken the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship games (in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and most recently in 2008) and one Super Bowl (XXXIX in 2005 which the Eagles lost 24-21).

It cannot be denied that Andy Reid has had a lot of success in Philadelphia. One other thing that he has is a good relationship with Owner and CEO Jeffrey Lurie. In addition to being his head coach, Reid is also a good friend of his. If Andy Reid were to remain head coach, the friendship between him and Lurie will have a lot to do with it. After all, it is ultimately Jeffrey Lurie’s decision as to whether or not a coaching change will be made.

Then there is the injury bug. The Eagles have been hampered by injuries for the majority of the season, most notably on the offensive line where they have lost several starters. Unfortunately, injuries are a part of sports. Sometimes they come and pass, but more times than not they rear their ugly head. The injuries were not the fault of Andy Reid.

Why He Will Go:

At the beginning of the season, Jeffrey Lurie made it pretty clear that 8-8 is not good enough and that he needed to see “substantial improvement”. The Eagles are currently 4-11. Regardless of whether they finish at 4-12 or 5-11, there has not exactly been a “substantial improvement” that Jeffrey Lurie has been looking for. Not to mention, Reid has made a few questionable personnel decisions the past few years (most notably hiring offensive line coach Juan Castillo as Defensive Coordinator). The hiring, and firing, of Jim Washburn as defensive line coach was not one of his better moves either.

The one thing that a team (in any sport) is measured by is championships. Philadelphia is a city that is starving for a championship. That is one thing that fans have gotten extremely frustrated with Andy Reid about. In his 14 years as head coach, he has yet to bring a Super Bowl title to Philadelphia. Call it impatient, but if your team had a 52-year championship drought you would be starving for a championship too.

It seems like after 14 years, the Eagles may need a new voice. Fans are getting tired of the same thing each year. Same bad losses, same bad mistakes, and same generic press conference the next day: “We didn’t play well, I take full responsibility and we need to play better”. It’s starting to get old. After years of calling for Reid’s head, it may truly be time for a change.

While many signs point to Reid’s dismissal, no one knows for sure what is going through the mind of owner Jeffrey Lurie right now.

After Further Review…

Without question there was a point when Andy Reid was the perfect coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, time has changed, and this is not the same team Reid coached in his heyday back in the early to mid 2000’s. In his first 7 years in Philadelphia (1999-2005), the Eagles were 70-42 (7-5 in the playoffs). In his last 7 years in Philadelphia (2006-2012), the Eagles were 60-50-1 (3-4 in the playoffs).

 There is no question that Andy Reid is a great coach (one of the greatest the Eagles have ever had, actually). The fact of the matter is it has gotten to a point where a change would be beneficial to both sides. Reid has been through more personal issues this year than in years past (most notably the tragic passing of his oldest son Garrett).

While Jeffrey Lurie’s decision will not be known until after Sunday’s season finally against the Giants, all signs point to a new head coach next season.

Bottom Line:

Thank you Andy for all you have done for this team in the last 14 years, but the team will be going in another direction next season.

  1. Alicia says:

    Nice job pointing out both sides – even still, get him out of here!

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