Well, There Goes Some More Season.

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Flyers

On Thursday afternoon, the NHL announced the cancellation of all games up to October 24th.


“We will recover because we have the best fans in the world”

That was Gary Bettman speaking shortly before the National Hockey League went into (another) lockout after the current Collective Bargaining Agreement expired.

Today (Day 26 of the lockout for those of you keeping track), the NHL announced that all games up to October 24th have been cancelled. The season was scheduled to open on October 11th, but as soon as there was a threat of a lockout, the odds of the season starting on time were not great, and got worse as each day passed. This came days after they kissed $100 million in HRR (hockey related revenue) goodbye after cancelling the pre-season.

So that means no hockey until at least the end of October and, lets face facts, with the way the negotiations have been going it has become very difficult to be optimistic about this. (I am still trying, but it gets harder each day).

It is kind of funny that a league that holds its fans to such high reverence (or so they say) is punishing said fans due to an inability to come to an agreement on a new CBA. Was that their intention? No, but let’s be honest, the only ones paying for the greed is the fans, and there is something very, very wrong with that. They can apologize all they want (and, at this point, I am talking about the players association too. A lot can be blamed on Bettman and the league, but I am starting to get a little annoyed with the players association too) but that does not change the fact that the fans are the ones who are suffering.

Unfortunately, there are many signs pointing to a lengthy lockout. Danny Briere and Claude Giroux (both of the Flyers) recently signed a deal to play for Eisbären Berlin of Germany’s Deutsche Eishiockey Liga (DEL). They are just the latest of a number of players that have either signed with a team overseas or go to their respective team’s American Hockey League (the top minor league in hockey) affiliate.

The thought of losing games, and potentially another full season, due to labor disputes is nothing but frustrating. When you love a game with a passion (be it football, baseball, basketball, Soccer, etc) and that game can not be played because of something like this, you almost can’t help but feel like you deserve better (which you do).

So, here we are nearly a month into this lockout and it has already claimed the entire preseason, as well as a chunk of the regular season.

At this point I am hoping for even an abbreviated season.

Unfortunately, even that is hard to imagine at this rate. We’ll see what else gets cancelled in the coming weeks.

Until then…well, we’ll see what happens.


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