Football is the Best Medicine

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Eagles

(Photo courtesy of Rich Schultz/AP)

Tragedy struck the Philadelphia Eagles family on Sunday when Garrett Reid, oldest son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid was found dead in his dorm room at Lehigh University (where the Eagles hold training camp).

He was 29 years old.

He had been helping with strength and conditioning with the Eagles.

Andy Reid has been on leave to be with his family, his first leave of absence since he took time off in 2007 to attend the court hearings for Garrett and his other son Britt.

Per Andy Reid’s request, the Eagles will continue preparations for the upcoming season with Offensive Coordinator Marty Morhinweg and Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo running the team. Reid has made it clear that he intends on being on the sidelines for Thursday night’s game, and was back at Eagles camp on Wednesday.

Reid has been the head coach of the Eagles for the last 14 years. His bond with the team is almost as close to his bond with his family. He loves the Eagles and was adamant that preparations for the upcoming season continue, despite this tragedy.

Yesterday, Reid was back on the practice field in preparation for the upcoming season. While he was able to comfort and be comforted by his own family, he also has tremendous love and support from his Eagles family, many of which grew close to Garrett and the rest of the Reid family.

People have their own ways of dealing with personal tragedy. Over the last few days, we have learned that Andy Reid’s comfort is Eagles football. The Eagles have become a second family to the Reids, and, in his first public appearance since his son’s passing, was incredibly thankful for the entire Eagles organization and fans alike for their support. Though his family is his first priority, the Eagles are a close second.

Now, in a time of healing,  Andy Reid returns to the Eagles to prepare for the upcoming season as a “very humble man” (as Reid put it during a press conference). Now, Reid is focusing on the upcoming season . Reid also mentioned how he always told his players how “There are four things that you go about in life and how you approach it: Eliminate distractions, create an energy, fear nothing, and attack everything”. In order to do that, Reid is back with his football family, which is helping give him a sense of normalcy.

People have their own different ways of dealing with a personal tragedy.

For Andy Reid, Football is the best medicine.

  1. Tony says:

    Tragic events… Everyone heals in different ways. For Reid, football may be his outlet.

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