What a Forgettable Weekend

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Philadelphia

What a forgettable weekend this was for Philadelphia sports.

The weekend started out ok. The New York Yankees were eliminated by the Texas Rangers in Game 6 the American League Championship Series on Friday night, which meant that Game 6 of the National League Championship Series between the Phillies and the San Francisco Giants would be in prime time at 7:57 pm on Saturday night, the slot that was reserved for the ALCS had the Yankees forced a Game 7.

Saturday started out fine. Temple and Penn State both won their respective football games. Saturday night was a busy night down at the Sports Complex. at 7 pm, The Flyers faced off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Wells Fargo Center. 57 minutes later, Game 6 of the NLCS began across the street at Citizens Bank Park. The Flyers played well and went on to beat the Maple Leafs by a score of 5-2, and the Phillies jumped out to a 2-0 lead over the Giants.

Then after the first inning, the Phillies bats went cold. Unfortunately, that was not something new for the Phillies. Despite putting up 6 runs in Game 2 and 4 runs in Game 5, the Phillies bats were relatively quiet throughout the series. The Phillies basically hit themselves out of any and every chance they had at scoring runs. Then in the 8th inning, San Francisco’s Juan Uribe hit a go ahead solo home run off of Ryan Madson that just barely cleared the right field fence.

To the surprise of many people, Giants ace Tim Lincecum made only his second relief appearance of his career in the bottom of the 8th. After allowing two hits, Lincecum was pulled for closer Brian Wilson. Wilson was able to get Carlos Ruiz to line out into a double play, ending the 8th and squandering yet another great chance to score some runs.

In the 9th Placido Polanco and Chase Utley were able to get on base, and, with two outs, Ryan Howard, who had a horrendous post season at the plate, stepped up to bat. with the count full Howard struck out looking, ending the Phillies season and sending the Giants to the World Series.

After spending Saturday night and some of Sunday morning  discussing and debating “The Called Strike Heard ‘Round Philadelphia”, Sunday afternoon arrived which, of course means only one thing this time of year: Football. The Philadelphia Eagles had a 1:00 game against the Tennessee Titans. The hope for this game was that the Eagles would win and help us take our minds off of that bitter NLCS loss, at least for a few hours. Well, the Eagles did help us take our minds off of the Phillies, but it was for all the wrong reasons.

About 5 minutes into the third quarter, the Eagles were marching right on down the field. They were on the 3 yard line leading 19-7, and were poised to make it a 3 possession game. Then a botched hand off between QB Kevin Kolb and RB LeSean McCoy resulted in a fumble that was recovered by the Titans. This play, coupled with the Eagles inability to cover Titans WR Kenny Britt, spelled doom for the Eagles.

The Titans lit up the Eagles for 27 fourth quarter points, led by Kenny Britt, who finished with an unprecedented 225 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns, the most yards a receiver has ever gotten against the Eagles. To make matters worse, the Eagles only points after the fumble came on a David Akers field goal 2 and a half minutes into the fourth quarter. The Titans would go on to beat the Eagles in a 37-19 rout. Fans in Philadelphia could not wait for this weekend to be over.

The Flyers won, so it wasn’t a total wash. Still, this may go down as one of the worst weekends in Philadelphia sports history.


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