Cheers or Jeers?

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Eagles

There has been one big question regarding Sunday’s Eagles game vs the Washington Redskins: How will Donovan McNabb be greeted? Will he be cheered or will he be booed?

I would certainly cheer for what McNabb did for this team, even though I, like every other Eagles fan, am disappointed in Donovan for what he was unable to do for this team. I am mostly referring to Donovan McNabb’s inability to win a Super Bowl in his 11 years with the Eagles.

The media has been portraying Philadelphia fans as rowdy and ruthless. Eagles fans even booed when Donovan McNabb was selected by the Eagles with the second overall pick of the 1999 NFL Draft. (Contrary to popular belief, fans in attendance were not booing McNabb, they were booing the Eagles for picking McNabb.)

Most of what people outside of Philadelphia see as ruthless and immature, I see as passion. Philadelphia is one of the most passionate (and quite frankly one of the best) sports cities in the country. Of course, even in Philadelphia, there is a fine line between passionate and just plain stupid. That being said, I expect more cheers than jeers on Sunday when Donovan McNabb returns to Philadelphia as a visiting player.

ESPN’s Colin Cowherd said it best when he was talking about Brett Favre’s return to Green Bay as a member of the Minnesota Vikings: “Cheer him for what he did, boo him for what he is going to do.” Eagles fans should cheer Donovan for the great things he has done while in Philadelphia. Anything he does in the game, he will do as a Washington Redskin, and the fans will not take too kindly to that.


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